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About Greene & Associates

Greene & Associates was founded in Tempe, Arizona in 1998 — when the Internet was in its infancy and the scope of its capabilities was not fully appreciated.

In the years since, we’ve grown with the Internet, and with our customers, using our comprehensive experience to share with them our insight into how they can use the Internet to develop more immediate relationships with — and more effectively respond to — their customers. We’ve garnered a talented team of individuals, all of whom are fluent in a diverse set of Internet application and software development tools. We’ve used these tools to help our customers grow, and worked with our customers to develop a clear vision of what they need to be successful in the changing landscape of Internet design, marketing and systems.

This experience has defined our mission: To provide businesses with what they expect in an online presence:

  • An effective professional image
  • Business process automation
  • And search engine visibility

We believe this client-centric business model is responsible for our ongoing success over the years.

For well-defined website needs, and to help you maximize return, we gladly provide fixed-cost quotes and deliver on budget. Contact us today to get started.

How We Work

When you hire Greene & Associates as your website design service, we’ll conduct a strategy session with you to define goals, objectives and budget, effectively creating a blueprint for the project.

Then, our team goes to work: We brainstorm creative concepts, ideas and functionality. Throughout this process, we’ll keep you involved — in fact, before writing any code or building any pages, we’ll provide you with a final blueprint for your website project. You’ll know exactly what it will become — you did help design it, after all.

Once you’ve approved the final blueprint, we bring it to life as we begin the design process, melding your vision into a reality. This is where we bring it all together: The look and feel, database, content writing, search engine visibility, e-commerce and e-marketing needs.

The production process follows, with coding, page building, testing and quality assurance. Remember, we’re keeping you involved throughout this process so you know what’s happening every step of the way: It’s your right as a business owner to understand the process. And trust us when we tell you you’ll be impressed by our obsessive attention to detail throughout the process.

And, finally, launch day: We’ll help you plan, prepare and market the launch to your customers so they’re aware of your new Internet home. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards of a successful website launch.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Call (480) 730-0842 or e-mail: Nelson Greene.

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